Scholarship Application Requirements:

Welcome to the Prince of Wales & Duchess of Cornwall (Grade 11) and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee (Grade 12) Scholarship information and application page. Please see the following Nomination procedures and criteria for Nomination.

* Note: Nomination must come from a Saskatchewan High School nominating team, not directly from students. Please read all information before submitting nomination.

*The school leadership team is typically comprised of school principal, vice-principal, guidance staff and/or teachers.



Annually, through the Prince of Wales & Duchess of Cornwall Scholarship and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Scholarship, the Government of Saskatchewan provides a maximum of $16,000 to ease the financial burden that some students face during their educational journey. These scholarships are intended for students living with vulnerable circumstances. We invite you to nominate one student from your school for each scholarship.

The Prince of Wales & Duchess of Cornwall Scholarship assists Grade 11 students with completing their secondary education. A maximum of 20, $500 scholarships, are awarded annually (fall of 2024 after confirmation of Grade 12 enrolment).

The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Scholarship assists Grade 12 students with completing their post-secondary education. A maximum of six, $1000 scholarships, are awarded annually (fall of 2024 after confirmation of acceptance to a post-secondary institution).

You can use the worksheet provided (below) so each nominee can complete a portfolio to assist your leadership team in making a final selection. From the group of nominees at your school, please have your school leadership team choose one student per scholarship to submit for nomination. Please see nomination criteria, requirements below. This year’s scholarship application deadline is March 15, 2024.


Schools will be notified by SACE when their nomination packages have been received. Following adjudication, schools will be notified by email as to results of adjudication. Winners of the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall and Queen’s Diamond Jubilee scholarships will receive a congratulatory letter signed by the Minister of Education. This letter will be mailed to the winning recipients’ school.


POWDC & QDJ Scholarship Nomination Criteria

There may be several students within your school who could be potential recipients of either a Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall Scholarship, or a Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Scholarship; however, according to legislation governing the administration of the scholarships, only one recipient can be chosen from any particular school for each scholarship. The school leadership team will make the decision regarding which student will be nominated as a potential recipient for each of the scholarships.

The following criteria are applicable to both the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall Scholarship and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Scholarship.

1. School and/or Community-Based Leadership

Nominees must be able to highlight their leadership roles in the school and/or the community. As emerging leaders, nominees will possess many admirable qualities, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • knowing themselves and demonstrating a desire for self-improvement;
  • seeking responsibility and taking responsibility for their actions;
  • making sound, timely decisions based on good decision making & planning;
  • acting as a good role model
  • helping others to understand what needs to be done.
  • having an understanding of others, and looking out for the well-being of others;
  • knowing how to communicate effectively with a wide range of people;
  • helping others to develop good character traits

2. Responsibilities outside of school

Nominees may have responsibilities beyond school that draw on their time and energy. These may be described in terms of: what they are; their importance to the nominee; what role or function they require from the nominee; and, the impact they have for the nominee.

3. Financial support needed

The need for additional financial support must be demonstrated (e.g., the nominee may be solely supporting themselves, have other family members dependent on the nominee for financial support, or may have limited or no ability to earn extra money given current circumstances).

4. Academic performance

The nominee must be demonstrating a level of academic performance that makes graduation from Grade 12 likely. They must be committed to furthering their educational goals. Nominees for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Scholarship must have the intent to attend post-secondary education in the fall of the nomination year. Confirmation of admission will be required before scholarship is issued.

Scholarship Application Requirements:

The following information is required to complete the package for submission:

Nomination form – completed by the school leadership team.

Letter of nomination – completed by nominating teacher or principal – outlines how the nominated student meets the nomination criteria. Upload and submit with completed nomination package where indicated on the nomination form – use school letter head.

Student profile completed by nominated student – outlines how the student sees themselves meeting the nomination criteria. Add your school nominee profile info this space on the nomination form before submitting.


This year’s scholarship application deadline is Friday, March 15, 2024.

Nomination Forms, Posters & Worksheets

Nomination Forms

Prince of Wales & Duchess of Cornwall Scholarship Nomination Form (Grade 11)

Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Scholarship Nomination Form (Grade 12)



Prince of Wales & Duchess of Cornwall Worksheet (grade 11)

Queen’s Diamond Jubilee (grade 12)


Thanks so much for advocating for your students.  Please contact me if you have any questions.

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Scholarship Coordinator

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